CCNA Collaboration – Notes, Chapter 4

CICD – Ch4 – CME Administration


  • CCNA Covers configuring CME using CCP (Cisco Configuration Professional)
    • I will include screenshots of the GUI and also show the command line that gets generated
    • CME can also be configured by using it’s own GUI
      • HTML and java based
      • Loaded onto flash with a .tar file
      • Allows add/change of phones, modifying dial plan, configuring hunt groups, etc.
  • CCP configures all major aspects of CME
    • CCP can also be used for LAN, WAN and security features
  • CCP must discover devices before it can configure them
    • Discovery includes finding out information about the hardware, software, interfaces and modules


CCP Desktop Icon


CCP Device Discovery.png

CCP Device Being Discovered.pngCCP CME Features

  • CUBE – Cisco Unified Border Element
    • Telepohony gateway for IP to IP services
      • Ex: IP-TSP – IP Telephony Service Provision
    • NAT/PAT services
    • Billing, security, call admision control, qos, SIP negotiation
  • CUCME – Standalone CME
  • SRST – Survivable Remote Site Telephony
    • Allows phones to register to router (gateway) if they lose connectivity to CUCM
  • CME as SRST
    • SRST with full CME features


CCP CME Feature Setting - Initial.png

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