Home lab

Here’s my home lab down in the basement. I’m to cheap to buy a rack for the gear so it’ll sit on a folding table.

Some of the devices don’t work and most are not on.

Starting at the left and working my way right

  • 7945 Phone that I bought when I worked at Atrion
  • (2) 3750 POE 24 port, not powered on. Will use for CCIE R/S Studies
  • (1) 3850 SFP 24 port, not powered on. Looking for some SFP’s I can utilize
  • Old Dell monitor that’s plugged into the C22 server below the table
  • 2851 router, acting as my CME and CUE lab device for CCNA Collab studies
  • 2851 router, powered off, console port is busted, can’t connect in. More work than I’m willing to put in the figure out how to use. Will most likely return
  • 2821 route, pulled cards out of it for the CME router
  • ASA5505, bought when I was at Atrion, need to get back into this. Will prob replace with a firepower enabled device
  • 1812 router, acting as my jack knife right now, DNS, DHCP, whatever else I need as a service in the lab
  • 2811 router, going to make into a terminal server with parts from the 2611 below it
  • 2611 mentioned above
  • 3800 series router, taking parts from it for the CME router
  • Under the table, UCS C22 server running ESXi
    • I have CUCM, CUC, CU-IMP, VIRL installed, not all running at the same time
    • Working on getting APIC-EM, ISE and vWLC setup for the DNA lab

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