CCIE RS – L2 WAN Circuit Technologies – Authentication (PAP, CHAP)

CHAP – Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

  • RFC 1994
    • Verify identity of peer
    • Uses 3way handshake
  • After LCP phase is complete,
    • CHAP is negotiated, authenticator sends a challenge message to peer
    • Peer responds with value calculated through 1 way hash (MD5)
    • Authenticator checks the response against its own calculation


PPP must be enabled on the interface

Interface > ppp authentication chap

Configure username and password
Username [username] password [password]

Default username sent is hostname of the peer router

Default username can be changed under the interface

PPP chap username

Passwords must match on both ends
PPP chap passowrd

PAP – Password Authentication Protocol

  • RFC 1334
  • Simple method for authentication
    • 2 way handshake after LCP completes
    • Username and password are sent in clear text across link
  • Not a secure authentication protocol

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