CCIE RS – Routing Concepts – Implement and Troubleshoot Static Routing

Implement and Troubleshoot Static Routing

Static routing – administratively configured route

Admin distance of 1

Static routes with AD of 255 are never entered into the routing table

Show ip route static

Ip route [network] [subnet] [next hopIP or Interface] <options: admin distance, track, tag>

If route is pointed to a broadcast interface, it’ll only be in the routing table when the interface is up

  • Router will ARP for each destination
  • Prevent the ARP by defining a next hop address
    • Ip route [network] [subnet] <next-hop-address> <interface>

Floating static route

  • Change the AD of the static route
  • This route gets used when a route with a better AD for the network is removed from the routing table
  • Backup route
  • Can also be done with creating a less specific route

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