CCIE RS – Routing Concepts – Compare Routing Protocol Types

Compare Routing Protocol Types

Distance Vector

Bellman-Ford or DUAL algorithm

Requires router to inform neighbors of topology changes periodically


Does not have full knowledge of how to get to a destination

  1. Direction in which router or exit interface a packet should be forwarded
  2. Distance from its destination

Count to Infinity

  • Routing loops
  • RIP avoids with the following
  • Split Horizon: Prohibit router from advertising a route back onto the interface from which it was learned
  • Poison Reverse: Indicate to other routers that a route is no longer reachable and should not be considered from their routing tables
  • Max number of hops – 15


EIGRP falls under this type as it uses routing by rumor as well. The router only knows of routes learned by it’s neighbor, it does not build a full database like OSPF does.

Link State


  • Dijkstra’s algorithm – shortest path first (SPF)

Creates a full topology of the network and places themselves at the root of the tree


Path Vector

BGP: Maintains a list of AS’s that are traversed to reach a destination

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