CCIE RS Lab – MPLS Configuration Config Order


  1. Configure IGP routing between routers
  2. Configure MPLS on PE and P routers
  3. Create VRF instances
  4. Assign RD and RT
  5. Apply VRF to interface(s)
  6. Re-apply IP address back to the interface
  7. Configure BGP peering between PE and P routers
    1. Disable the default of using ipv4 unicast address family
  8. Create vpnv4 address family
    1. Use iBGP rules for full mesh or RR
    2. Activate the neighbor
  9. On PE routers, create an additional address family for the VRF
  10. Redistribute the routes for the VRF into BGP
  11. Test connectivity

Note the changes in bgp show commands


I’m still getting used to making videos. Hard to tell where to look when holding the phone

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