CCIE RS Lab – Week 2

Day late on this post, was going to try and keep these to Sunday as a brief highlight of what I studied for the week.

First, I created a time tracker, this is something I wish I did the first time around. I want to start getting data around how much did I study and also what subjects did I study. This way I can see what I need to come back to in the future for refreshers.

I’ve been doing pointed labs through INE and worked on MPLS, BGP, IPSEC, DMVPN and filled in some time with system management.

BGP was more to play with some filters and get used to the show commands and how they change when multi address families are used.

MPLS was a refresher on the command structure and checking the verifications. This was some lighter work for the basics of the P routers. I’ll be revisiting this to work on the CE-PE type routing and playing more with imports/exports within the VRF’s. I made a video for the config operations as it’s easy to setup but there are a lot of external config that relies on the underlaying config.

IPSEC was an eye opener on how much I forgot. I used to build these tunnels all the time in a past life. Once I remembered the order of configuration operations it came back to me fairly quickly. What I need to practice more of here is interupting the debug information.

DMVPN required me to go back into the documentation and find the config guide. I used this as practice to navigate the documentation, which I need to get better at doing. This was fun to play with how routing is handled and getting the difference for phase 1 2 and 3 back into my brain. I’ll most likely record a youtube video for this once my mic and tripod show up.

As fillers when I was to tired for a couple hours of labs or I had a spare 30 minutes I worked on some system management things like exec alias. I figure these are easy points on the actual lab and I need to intertwine these into my labbing sessions.


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