CCIE RS Lab – Week 3

12 hours of study time this week. A little light on the amount of time I’d like to spend studying, but not a set back.

This week was focused on a few different things, I practiced the different varients of configutring NAT.

I spent a lot of time on INE Foundations lab 3 –

The first time through I did not have an easy way to config the L2 part in virl, not all the commands were accepted. To practice, I wrote all the commands out into notepad, Today (Sunday) I scheduled rack time to test my config

I did run into an issue with virtual links not forming, could not find anything wrong. Had study friends help look as well, could not resolve. We were not able to recreate in different equipment – after watching Nick Russo’s Troubleshooting OSPF Live presentation he went over this exact scenario and I can clearly see what happened. Please check out his video, it’s very good

Troubleshooting OSPF – BRKRST-3310

Systems management – I need to practice this a lot more as there are so many options. This section will be included every day after working on some of the core content. This week I covered:  Logging, archive, logging with ACL

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