CCIE RS Lab – Week 4

Hours studying – 27.5

I continued working on foundations 3. This shed light on how much I need to practice more IPv6. The redistribution was nasty, there are a bunch of loops created when doing this. I used tags for the redistribution, there were no restrictions on what tech could or could not be used.

I used debug ip routing to find out if these was any loops, also check routing table and used traceroute to verify conenctivty

I did run into an issue where a route on R7 should have been learned via EIGRP from it’s directly connected neighbor, but was being learned from R6 via OSPFv3. After tracking the problem down to R6 and seeing how the route was being learned I added an deny statement on one of my route maps which restored connectvity on R7 and for the rest of the network to learn routes properly via R7’s EIGRP neighbors.

I was looking for a way to listen to videos and have them autoplay the next video. I found a way to listen to videos in the background which has helped greatly while commuting. The app on the iPhone is called PlayerXtreme, it is able to see existing videos on the phone and play them while giving additional options for play next video and increase the playback speed.

Being able to listen to the videos has increased the amount of time I’ve been able to spend “studying”. I count listening as study time as I’ll absorb some knowledge.

I have also started reading through Narbiks book, Bridging the Gap between CCNP and CCIE. So far it has been helpful and steps through the technology is a very step by step way.

I started Foundations 2 and did not run into many things I didn’t remember. I have been taking my time on this one and will be continuing it Week 5.

I was able to spend 7.5 hours on Troubleshooting Lab 1 with 2 study partners. This was the most helpful study session I’ve had in a long time. I’ll do a youtube video soon around the need for a study partner(s). We were able to discuss strategy and teach each other things we may have forgotten. This lab exposed a lot of weaknesses that I need to brush up on: OSPF LFA, BGP Table Map, Multicast MSDP, EEM tricks, BGP additional paths.

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