CCIE RS Lab – Week 6

Hours studied – 19 hours

Sunday – I did some light reading. The book was choice was Narbik’s bridging the gap the EIGRP chapter.

Monday – INE ATC videos, System Management Labs – I have forgotten a lot of the different options. I also need to practice finding these in the documentation, these are spread out through the doc cd.

Tuesday – Took the night off, I was mentally exhausted and needed to disconnect

Wednesday – I watched more INE ATC videos, I have been getting through the EIGRP section

Thursday – I did some more light reading of past labs and also worked on a few pointed BGP labs

Friday – I watched more INE ATC videos continuing with EIGRP. I also reviewed the systems management labs.

Saturday – I spent most of the day on INE full scale lab 2

Notes I took during the lab:


  • No transit links – had to configure as p2p interfaces
  • No unnecessary LSAs – prefix-suppression
    • Convergence time can be reduced by preventing the advertisement of all ip prefixes
    • Loopbacks, secondary addresses and passive interfaces are excluded as some designs require them to remain reachable
  • Traffic engineering – changing the network type to manipulate the traffic path
    • Needed to change to p2m non-broadcast and add a cost on the neighbor commands to get the desired traffic path


  • iBGP load balancing
    • Max path 2
    • Need to use a different RD for each iBGP peer when doing this in MPLS
    • The different RD affects how prefixes show up in the BGP table
      • If they are the same RD the best path is chosen even if there are 2 paths
      • By changing the RD to be something different and enabling max paths for ibgp you’ll be able to install  multiples ibgp routes
  • Remember to configure next-hop-self on iBGP peers
  • Practice AS-path ACL’s with regexp
    • How to create a filter to not become a transit
    • Only allow prefixes that are locally originated
  • Traffic engineering techniques
    • AS-prepend – affects inbound path, but is applied out to the ebgp peer
    • Local preference – affects outbound path, but in applied inbound from the neighbor


  • Need to use static mroute when connecting across unsupported network with GRE tunnels
  • RPF follows the unicast routing table to reach RP. Without adding a static mroute the RP is not learned by the routers
  • OSPF cost can be used to manipulate the RPF to traffic go a desired path

ACL logging – log-input matches mac addresses

  • Ip access-list log-update threshold 10
  • Even though the question is regarding syslog, need to know the different options that may not be under the logging main command

NTP authentication

  • Many steps to configure NTP authentication
  • Need to create a key
  • Tell NTP to authenticate
  • Trust the authentication key
  • Apply the key to peers if syncing between multiple NTP masters
  • Must be applied for all devices and set on the server command


  • Wording for shaping – delay for excess traffic, dropped as worse case
    • Policing would have said something along the lines of cir or change the dscp for exceeding traffic
  • Random detect, different from tail-drop
    • Tail drop – default mechanism, packets get dropped from the queue when full
    • Random detect based on DSCP value
      • Weigted random early detections

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