CCIE Study Time Tracker

Tracking the amount of time spent studying is popular for CCIE candiadates. Like most I started off using a simple spreadsheet and manually entered after each study session. A few weeks ago I was talking with one of my friends, Sam (@sam_byers), who showed me how he was tracking his progress with a google form.

I loved this idea and he helped me create one for myself. I still find some things to add, but what I like about it is the simplicity. I have a bookmark that bring up the page pictured below, I enter the information and it automatically gets recorded to a google spreadsheet with date and time, along with all the other info. The other nice thing is how easy it is to enter this information from my phone as well. I created a bookmark as an app icon, which allows me to quickly enter the study time incase I forget and I don’t want to walk back to my computer.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.44.19 PM.png

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