CCIE RS Lab – Week 9

Hours studied: 17.5

Sunday –

Took the day off to clean up the yard

Monday –

INE ATC videos on redistrubtion and XtremeIE videos

Was going to lab, but the INE site was down and wasn’t prepared to start using the Cisco 360 material

Tuesday –

Xtremeie bgp videos anfd for labbing I worked on INE ATC OSPF filtering

Wednesday –

Cleaned up time sink apps off my iPhone as I noticed I was picking up my phone to distract myself. I got back into the flashcards using the ANKI app

Lab – OSPF filtering continued

Security – AAA authentincation methods

Thursday –

INE ATC videos, redistrbution and BGP intro

Took night off from labbing

Friday –


Lab – BGP traffic engineering, playing with best path selection options

Saturday –

INE Foundations lab 1, attempt 2

This time going through the lab I never looked at the solution guide as I was going through. Normally when I lab I will do a task, verify and then check the solution guide. I want to get into the habit going through the entire lab and then grading myself using the solution guide, a tip I’ve picked up from some study partners.

Only got 3 things wrong, possible 4, but I have the correct results on the one I’m not sure I would get points on or not, I had extra configuration because I did not read carefully enough

The 3 things I for sure got wrong evolved around portfast vs portfast trunk, forgetting to advertise a network statement in EIGRP for passive interface to work and my subnetting math being wrong for an aggregation (I’m counting this wrong even though I did get the same result, but the aggregate contained to many addresses).

This lab went very quickly. I started at 10:30am and ended at 12:45pm, there wasn’t a task listed that I didn’t think I could do, I was never searching on how to do something. I did use the docCD to steal some config for some IPSec. For the grading, it took about an hour, but I was also eating lunch while doing this. I graded based on results and not config. The reason I did that for example is the solution guide used classic EIGRP where I used Named mode

After foundations lab, I worked on some ATC Security topics for further practice since the foundation labs don’t have any security or services tasks included

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