CCIE RS Lab – Week 10

Hours Studied: 24


I took an easy day of going through INE ATC Videos: BGP iBGP techniques, route reflectors and confederations



INE ATC BGP videos

Labbed BGP – backdoor, aggregation, communities

I spent some time catching up with a study partner who has scheduled his lab. A few of us were able to talk strategy and what to expect on lab day.




INE ATC Videos: BGP NLRI, best path selection, traffic engineering methods

Built a more detailed lab schedule  to try and start figuring out when a possible lab date may be feasible. I know I’m still a long ways off because there are some things I still need to practice, but I’d like to start penciling in a goal date to work towards

Lab – Continued with BGP, communities, conditional advertisement, filtering techniques

Need to work on regexp, forgot some basics and made my formula to complicated, which also didn’t work



Lots of videos, finished up INE BGP videos, started IPv6

No labbing as I got back late from work



BGP ATC labs, pointed tunings, ttl-security, allowas-in, ORF

Revisited MPLS to practice Nick’s MPLS router verification steps, want to be able to know this out thinking about it as MPLS is a place I stuggled and need to know better


I started the day with flashcards

I then dove back into INE full scale lab 1 for the 2nd attempt. This time I think it was easier, but I did still get tripped up on a couple of things. First one was a redistribution issue where EIGRP native routes were being fed back in from OSPF causing a loop. I think I resolved it with a route-map filter, but ended up breaking a traffic flow I needed, I didn’t get a chance to go back and fix this before the rack time expired. I also solved some of the problems I was seeing by introducing a summary route, I don’t think I broke any rules and it got the result I was looking for. I think I am starting to be able to read between the lines of a task and start filling in ways to fix issues in creative ways.

The other things I ran into that tripped me up was CoPP and some SSH specific modifications that I need to check my config vs the solution guide still.

I think my speed is getting a little bit better, but lab stamina is still not there. By the last hour I had a very hard focusing and was missing easy things when verifying from the beginning.

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