CCIE RS Lab – Week 11

Hours studied: 16

This week was tough from a motivation perspective. I found it hard to get into a zone for doing any labs and also watching videos. I have my brain a break to hopefully reset. I think part of the problem was I stopped exercising. I’m going to get back to that and see if it helps with my focus.


Flashcards. Took the rest of the night off



Types up hand written notes. Also worked on documenting my weaknesses. Going to spend more time of the topics I wrote up

Ine atc videos. IPv6 routing

Took the night off from labs due to back pain



Lab – Worked on DMVPN with VRFs, also worked on getting ready to start Cisco360 labs, ran into some problems using chrome to get it to launch SecureCRT instead of Terminal. Firefox seems to work better, but still some annoyance around that as well. It’ll take some getting used to the different interface that 360 provides



INE Videos – OSPFv3, MP-BGP for v6

Lab – Couple of MPLS


Flash cards


Took the day off


INE videos – 6pe, 6vpe, multicast

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