CCIE RS Lab – Week 16

Hours studied: 16


Built a new lab to start tackling the topics I stuggle with without a set lab guide. I practiced some OSPF and also watched a couple XtemeIE BGP videos.


I worked on going through my list of technologies that I need to study further and getting those topics into OneNote. I did a lot of reading of the docCD for building my notes and the configuration for each of those topics. This night was infrastructure security with a focus on L2 security.



Contiued with some further reading on Infrastructure Security specifically on the Management Plane Security and Control Plane Security. I also started onto Data Plane Security.


INE MPLS videos

Further notes on Infrastructure Security – The focus this day was on Data Plane security

INE Troubleshooting lab 1 – this is my 2nd time looking at this and a couple of the tickets were easier, but believe that was from memory. There were 3 that totally stumped me. First one had to do with MPLS, there were a lot of broken things on multiple devices. The multicast one I skipped and ran out of time on the last ticket. I’m working on my speed for troubleshooting by scheduling 2 hours for the rack time.

One thing I need to work on is not depending on looking at the running configuration for troubleshooting and finding the error. I also need to work on my typing accuracy. Some of my own typos created more things to fix than it solved.


INE mpls videos

I would have done more. But Verizon went down and they won’t be out to fix it until Monday…


Read the multicast book and got virl working on my laptop. I setup a small 8 router lab and started building out the initial config and an mpls backbone


Continued tinkering with the small lab I built. Rest of the day was spent taking care of some house work

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