CCIE RS Lab – Week 17

Hours studied: 11


Read a little of mpls book


Took the night off


Labbed INE MPLS, I took my time to fully understand the commands and tracing out how to follow the label path.


I started with my own lab within VIRL, but used the INE ATC workbook for inspiration

OSPF authentication, played with interface level configuration and routing process to see the difference in show output

Database navigation practice

Prefix suppression – In a large OSPF environment where you may only need the loobacks you can suppress the transit links from reaching the routing table. The type 2 LSA still shows in the database for the transit links. Verify with the show ip ospf command

MPLS LDP from last night, working on speed and verification, seeing how previous settings such as prefix suppression could be another way to do LDP label filtering. I’m trying to get into the mind set of what are the many ways to get the final results incase there is a technology taken away from the requirements in the question.

Used templates when configuring MP-BGP for practice. It takes longer to configure this way, but makes you understand the difference between a session and policy configuration.


Configured PPP with the different options to better understand the commands and debug output

Also worked on some more MPLS related topics, specifically EIGRP SOO, BGP SOO, Internet access and MPLS performance tuning.


Flash cards

INE atc videos


INE atc mpls videos

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