CCIE RS Lab – Week 18


Start of family vacation at Disney, was not able to get any studying in, but did check everything out at Hollywood Studios. Can’t wait for Star Wars land to be completed


Work up early and labbed – MPLS PE to CE, while on the plane I watch more INE videos and a couple of things I struggled with understanding all of a sudden clicked for me. I practiced what I learned and understood the show output better.

I also worked on configuring DMVPN from memory and working on speed before the day started. I also took time on learning how to read the debug – debug dmvpn all nhrp, this is a very busy debug, but when comparing hub and spoke side outputs it helps show where the problem is. I first started with authentication, then flipping the NHS and NBMA addresses.

In doing phase 1 I also forgot that I need to add the tunnel destination since the tunnel mode is normal gre mode. Little progress each day thats helping comit this to memory. I didn’t layer routing or IPSec ontop of this yet as I wanted to be able to breakdown the steps.

Tuesday – Friday

Didn’t get a chance to study other than flashcards


Watched INE ATC videos on the plane

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