CCIE RS Lab – Week 19

Hours studied: 14


Took day off to recover from vacation



INE ATC Lab for NAT topics, I also took this as my first opportunity to live stream this. The idea around live streaming my study session was to help me focus more on what I am actually doing and to also get me talking outloud and try to explain the topic to see if I actually understand it.



Started on some NTP configuration practice. This protocol is very slow which makes verification difficult as the config could be in place but the results will not show up for awhile. I’ll note this as a task to keep near the beginning of config or troubleshooting.

Started a live stream for going through FHRPs, DHCP config, went down a rabit hole with a PPP config thing that I didn’t plan on getting into and ended with some BGP route filtering practice.

Still trying to figure out if the live stream is something I want to continue, I think I may use it more for a recap and when I do a full scale / foundations type lab. This will be a figure it out as I go thing.


Labbed IPv6, took further notes on the different addresses.


INE videos. Took night off from labbing due to exhaustion .



Started with some QOS pointed labs, but found it boring. So I changed it up and loaded Foundations lab 3. This was much better to do as it changed up each step. A surprise to me was that I configured DMVPN from scratch without having to look up.



Continued with foundations lab 3


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