CCIE RS Lab – Week 21

Hours studied: 15

I need to up the amount of time I’m studying…


INE foundations lab 2, I am trying a new approach to see if I can consolidate the tasks from what I noticed the other day doing this lab. I was able to move quickly through the routing sections. I slowed down when it got to redistribution.

This had an interesting scenario with a lot of connected routes being redistributed that needed to be matched in multiple places.

Reading through the steps beforehand helepd as it would have given a different scenario for the BGP configuration that would have caused a lot of removing of config.

Configuration stamina is still a strugle for me. I believe this is coming down to a couple of things. I didn’t get started as early as I normally do. I also did not sleep well which is also contributing to losing focus.


Worked on some small INE ATC labs around systems management


Talked with my mentor, he suggested changing it up and start doing some Cisco360 labs. I started off with CA01 and I have to say it’s refreshing and a nice change of pace. Even though I did not finish the lab, it was eye opening on what I really need to work on.

I missed a couple of key facts from the restrictions and goals that will require me to read and take much better notes on what is only implied but not specifically called out to be configured.

I did try doing as much configuration as I had energy for at night and then grading myself after, but I think I’m going to take a different approach and grade myself after each section. I’ll continue with the rest of the lab Wednesday night.


Had to cancel rack time due to work


Started CA02, I ran across a technology I had totally forgotten about, BVI. I’ll need to remember this one as it tripped me up. The wording in this lab was somewhat confusing, but is good practice on getting used to the test questions. I missed some key words that requires me to undo some configuration.

I ran into an issue where I could not get L3 connectivity between 2 devices that I moved on from. I’m not sure what the issue was, but decided to table it and work on other sections of the lab.

This study session I found I was rushing through things and at the end realized I need to slow down and remember to verify everything as I go. I also built the task tracker to work on keeping track of what I’ve finished and what I need to revisit or some routing scenario that’ll need to be double checked after redistribution.


Small labs, was a busy day for quarter end


I spent the majority of the day doing CA03. This was a good lab, I felt fairly confident in a lot of what I was configuring and understanding the sub-tasks. I gave myself 6 hours to do this lab to see where I was at with timing. I was a bit slow as I did not finish everything. Where I lost a lot of time was due to the redistribution. There were a few rules that made this harder and then the loops created were hard to resolve. I was able to get full connectivity except for 2 routes that I decided I would figure out later.

I didn’t get to do any of the IPv6 routing, again, it took a lot of time to configure the addresses and I decided to go and get some of the systems management and qos parts done as they were quick. There were a few system managements things that I will be practicing more in the coming week to be able to know the sytanx and type them out faster.

I’ll load the lab up again and do some grading, but I also think I’m going to go back to checking my work as I go so I can learn from any mistakes eariler.

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