CCIE RS Lab – Week 22 and 23

This was a rough 2 weeks on getting time to study between work and family obligations. My schedule has been crazy but I think I can wrap some sanity around it just to have the holidays throw it back off


Bought a new car for the growing family. Needed this to be done before baby number 2 arrives in December. This was very time consuming and left me a bit brain dead (also brain dead from yesterday).

I reviewed some notes and flashcards to at least get something done

Monday and Tuesday

I was unable to get to study these days


Worked on some small ATC labs and also consolidated my list of focus areas as I had them written is about 5 different places

Thursday – Sunday

I was on Dad duty


Worked on CA01. Tried doing everything in notepad so I can stop relying on ? And make sure I am typing correctly for when I copy and paste it in. Also slowed down to take time with verification and checking my work against the solution guide


Was in all day training and mostly brain dead afterwards.


Worked on a small ATC IPv6 traffic filtering lab


I started with listening to some more of the INE videos for security.

For labbing I went back into CA01 and worked on the routing portion. The OSPF and RIP sections were easy. The EIGRP section was more involved and I did not finish it. It has been a long week and my brain was tired, so I figured I would give it a fresh look on Friday to be able to fully understand what is being asked.


Listened to some more INE videos.


Wasn’t able to lab due. Sunday is a full lab day.

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