CCIE RS Lab – Week 24


I started off with working on TS1 on Cisco360. I struggled with understanding the ask in a lot of the questions. There was a lot of information given but none of it was really relevant. I started off with TS for the day as I believe it’ll help me with getting better at verification and also more experience since it’s not a part of my daily work. I took 3 hours for getting through the lab as I didn’t want to pressure myself with speed yet.

After lunch I finished up CA01. The EIGRP section still tripped me up with things that I know I need to work on further. The redistribution was easy since there were no ways to create a loop. BGP was easy to setup, but showed that I need to research the backdoor feature in some more detail. The IPv6 section tripped me up due to subnetting. If anyone knows a good tutorial and some practice tests, drop a comment below. QOS was simple since it was a reproduce the output. Systems administration was also easy being an HSRP setup and archive config. I ran out of time for the multicast section, but reading through the tasks it was a basic setup.


I had a lot of road time which translated into a lot of audio time. Finished the INE and started on XtremeIE.


I wanted to study… However server and connectivity issues had other plans for me


I had some train travel and was able to Lab some IPv6 until my laptop died. Power outlet kept going in and out.


Some videos on the train


Took the night off due to exhaustion


Worked on TS02 and CA02. The troubleshooting was ok. I feel like the tasks are not spelled out in what they are looking for clearly. However I was able to get through it. For the configuration I got through L2, DMVPN and some routing before I lost all energy to move forward

I’m going to start going back to the gym to see if I can work on getting my energy levels back up and watch videos while running.

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