CCIE RS Lab – Week 25

Hours studied: 12

This was a tough week due to holidays and motivation, but took the lack of motivation to look around for some different study material and get back to some of the basics. Even though I didn’t lab as much as I would have liked/wanted to, I spent a lot of time typing which I think will help me out from a typing speed and accuracy perspective


Took the day off to get some things done around the house


Worked on some pointed labs and typed up some notes


Worked on some pointed labs, typed up notes. I also listened to some ExtremeIE videos on BGP


Typed up notes and worked on some pointed labs


Did some flashcards before heading out for Thanksgiving. Wasn’t able to get to much else study wise


Typed up more of my notes after getting home.


Labbed CA04. This lab was fairly straight forward. L2 was easy to get through. The OSPF, EIGRP and RIP sections were also fairly simple to understand with only some minor tuning. Redistribution worked on my first attempt using tagging and also achieved the restrictions set from OSPF.

BGP was setup without any issues, however I applied things with a route-map and prefix-lists instead of directly on network statements. The one thing I need to understand better still is a table-map which came up from the QOS section.

I did not get to the IPv6 or multicast sections, but reading through them I believe I can do this all in my practice labs throughout the week.

QOS and NAT were setup without an issue, but I would still like to practice NAT further. I also found a typo in the lab, but this didn’t slow anything down. I do need to practice the system administration things of CPU monitoring

Even though I posted this early, I’ll also continue typing up notes tonight

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