CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 26


Labbed CA05. The lab said it would take 6 hours and I finished it in less than 3. I’m either getting faster at configuring and typing or this was an easy lab.

Like before, L2 was easy to get going, the only little tricky spot was the STP influencing of routes. The lack of other L2 tech in the Cisco360 labs has me worried I’m forgetting about some things. The L3 was straight forward, they tried to get me with naming thing similar to see how closely I was reading. The OSPF part had some options set that I haven’t played with in awhile, was good to see how those worked again.

Redistribution on this lab was a joke, 1 router with mutual redistribution. Got my TCL script built and everything that should ping worked.

BGP and MPLS was simple as well, I could easily see from the diagram that for the Customer site I would need to do an AS Override at the PE devices (or allowas-in on the CE). I would like to see some larger MPLS labs as I know it’s a weak point for me.

The IPv6 section was good, however I need to work on my subnetting with IPv6. IF ANYONE KNOWS A GOOD VIDEO FOR LEARNING THIS I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW ABOUT IT. The routing setup took no time. I did use more modern ways to configure than what was shown in the solution guide, but it still achieves the same results.

I was surprised how little systems management and QOS was in this lab. The other labs had about 10 sections for this. This lab only had 2, which I believe is why I finished the lab so quickly.


Labbed TA03, I was able to complete this troubleshooting lab in 1 hour 25 minutes which I thought was awesome. After grading myself though I did miss a couple of requirements on 3 questions. I’ll take this as a slow down and make sure I verify I did all the steps.

I am getting used to how the Cisco360 labs are laying out their troubleshooting labs. Which I think contributed to how well I was able to get through this lab. 

My take aways from this lab for configuration practice is to work on IPv6 ACLs and Reflexive ACLs. I must have missed the reflexive ACLs from the blueprint because I haven’t done those since my version 4 of the lab attempt.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Did some light studying. Reviewing notes while fighting the cold


Still fighting a cold but went through some of the JP videos


Still fighting a cold, but did some actual labbing. Worked on INE foundations lab 2. Got through all of L2, RIP and most of OSPF before I couldn’t focus anymore


Still fighting a cold…

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