CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 27

Having the cold set me back a bit, wasn’t able to focus with it.


Layed low to try and get rid of the cold.


I was able to get back to studying. I started off with some EIGRP videos from ExtremeIE. For labbing I kept it simple and did some INE ATC multicast and in doing that realized my lab wasn’t setup with MPLS like I though so I tinkered around with that and worked on tracking routes through the VPN after adding some CE devices via BGP.


Wasn’t able to get much done this day. I labbed a little bit, but nothing hard. I did try some diag practice from INE. I got 1 case 100% and failed the 2nd one completely. I’ve been out of the troubleshooting real issues for awhile now. I’ve figured out 2 actions I need to take for Wednesday. 

  1. Regain my focus – rebuild my weekly practice plan and stick with it
  2. Start reading through the CCNP TShoot book as I remember this from last time being helpful for Diag


Started with some flashcards (trying to get back into this habit)

Did some pointed labs, but lost some focus and decided to build a lab topic randomizer – see this post


I volunteers for habitat for humanity and did not get home until really late at night. While waiting for the day to start I went through some flashcards


Started with flashcards again and worked on some small labs


Flashcards again. I also watched some ExtremeIE videos on BGP. I was not able to lab this day.

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