CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 29


Got back in with some flash cards.


Did some flashcards and struggled to get my lab up and working in the time I had to study. If I wasn’t putting myself under a deadline I would see if I could get EVE up and running, but I don’t want to have to rebuild all my labs.


Watched some MPLS videos to get another perspective and pick up some more tips. I used my lab randomizer to do some pointed labs and get typing again. This worked fairly well for a simulator thats running off my laptop (still haven’t been able to get server running, vmware is giving me issues).


Got back into a Cisco 360 lab, doing TA04. It’s amazing how much I forgot about troubleshooting. I needed to check the answer guide a few times, but this was more because I thought something else was being asked.

Later in the day I was able to start a INE lab, foundations 1. I did this again to get back into typing commands quickly and verifying. I wasn’t able to finish in the time I wanted but made good progress


Finished foundations 1

Did random pointed labs

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