CCIE RS Lab blog – Week 34 – Last Lab Blog Post

I am going to make this my last blog post for my lab prep and put all focus into labbing. I may still journal what I worked on, but will not hold myself to posting once a week anymore. As I run across technologies that I struggle with I may write up / youtube the topic still to try and understand them better.

Hours studied – 17.5


I worked on CA22. I did not complete the lab, but got a big chunk of the main routing completed. I skipped the IPv6, multicast and EEM scripting subsections. I also have route manipulation to figure out, but wanted to be able to focus on how to get the right answer.

I started with my strategy for the lab on how to keep track of what I’ve done and what still needs to be completed.


The day got away from me and I never got to study


I finished up CA22, for the IPv6, multicast, some GRE and EEM scripting. Everything was fairly easy. The EEM scripting has always gotten me, but what was asked was fairly straightforward. I need to practice some more of them to be more comfortable with them.

To try and get some more studying in I loaded up a troubleshooting lab, TA10. I am still not a fan of how these troubleshooting labs are written. They are confusing in the ask and don’t describe or show a problem very well.

I finished up by reviewing the pre-assessment grade from Saturday to see what else I need to work on.

Wednesday – Friday

Very light studying, not much of note


I did a graded 360 assessment lab which included a troubleshoot and configuration. The troubleshooting I was able to pass with the minimum score, there was 1 thing that tripped me up, NAT. The other question wrong was because I typoed.

The configuration was also a pass, but barely. I haven’t had a chance to go through what I got wrong in detail, but at a high level it was my sub-par subnetting math again.


Normally I don’t post 2 sundays, but this is my last post so I can put all focus into studying.

I did INE Mock Lab 1 and was not happy with how much I needed to look up. I need to continue to keep doing infra services. I also need to stop over complicating my MPLS import/export targets as I over engineered it.

The switching tasks were ok, needed to play with the spanning-tree priorities a bit to get the right result. The routing also was fairly straight forward, there was just some caveats to watch out for and remembering some of the nuances with redistributing into BGP. I did have to undo some configuration as I didn’t read ahead.

I am going to alternate between INE and 360 labs as the 360 labs are light on the infra security and services sections and the INE labs makeup for that.

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