DevNet Associate: Passed!

Today I took the DevNet Associate for the second time with a much better result 🙂

Passed the exam, barely, with a 831, but a pass is a pass

I used the Cisco digital learning library, devnet’s getting started guide, youtube videos about python and data-formats and random googling of some of the topics. I also referenced Nick Russo’s study guide and watched all of his videos on Pluralsight. I also had help from friends who have programming experience to help explain some of the topics that I just couldn’t quite understand from reading about them.

For practice, I created a some python scripts, played with different API calls with postman against the DevNet always-on sandbox. The hard part on this was figuring out what problem to solve with creating a script. I found doing things on my home Meraki network and using my Webex Teams instance was the easiest for me to come up with ideas.

This was a challenging exam for me since I have very little programming experience. Once the topics started to click with practical practice and being able to dissect the code apart it made things easier. It was definitely worth the challenge and I’m looking to see what other problems can be solved with programming.

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