AWS Cloud Practitioner: Passed!

Wednesday (5/19) I passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. This was the first non-Cisco cert that I have taken (outside if ITIL which was work sponsored). It has been about 7 year since I last worked with AWS. When I began studying it was surprised how much I had forgotten about. I also found how narrow my view was back then only focusing on the networking aspects of the early days of the cloud.

The challenging part of this exam for me was the database sections and the billing. The last time I dealt with databases in any form was in college and I don’t remember much about it. Learning the difference between relational and non-relational databases helped me figure out the different offerings in AWS. Without knowing why the differences mattered I couldn’t get through my head what each service did and how they were different. The billing section just felt repetitive and had a lot of tools that all sounded the same.

Overall I thought this was a fair exam and stayed within the blueprint (as vague as that blueprint was). I found Udemy had the best video trainings on this. PluralSight had a few, but nothing as in-depth as Stephane Maarek. Stephane’s Udemy training when over each service and most had a hands on lab. They were short videos that were easy to learn from with great practice tests after each section.

Now that I have gotten my feet wet with the AWS certifications I think I’ll work on the Solution Architect Associate next. It looks closely related to what I just learned and goes a bit further into each of the technologies. It also feels to most relevant towards my job and being able to help my customers or at least understand what they are doing in the cloud and where my integration points are.

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