CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 31

Sunday – Tuesday

I took these days off. It’s been difficult to find time to study at night after being woken up multiple times at night and early in the morning.


The oldest is back in school which is allowing some time during the day to study while I’m still on leave. I decided to jump back in with INE’s full scale lab 1. I made good progress on getting through the main routing portion before running out of brain power. There wasn’t anything that tripped me up which was promising for me as I was worried about how much I’ve forgotten during this Christmas break.


I was able to finish up lab 1 that was started Wednesday. I didn’t run into to many issues completing this lab. I used it how INE intended, which was to make sure I understand and verify everything rather than for speed.

Once lab 1 was finished I loaded full scale lab 2. I am taking my time with this one as well, I’d like to work on my verification skills and have my eyes look for the result faster.

Friday and Saturday

Watched MPLS videos

CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 30


Started foundations lab 2


Christmas Eve party




Some light studying, doing foundations 3

Thursday – Saturday

Parental duties were required and by the end of the day I needed to go to bed. Still adjusting to this new family life.

I was able to watch some videos just to try and do something, but wasn’t able to take notes while watching.

CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 29


Got back in with some flash cards.


Did some flashcards and struggled to get my lab up and working in the time I had to study. If I wasn’t putting myself under a deadline I would see if I could get EVE up and running, but I don’t want to have to rebuild all my labs.


Watched some MPLS videos to get another perspective and pick up some more tips. I used my lab randomizer to do some pointed labs and get typing again. This worked fairly well for a simulator thats running off my laptop (still haven’t been able to get server running, vmware is giving me issues).


Got back into a Cisco 360 lab, doing TA04. It’s amazing how much I forgot about troubleshooting. I needed to check the answer guide a few times, but this was more because I thought something else was being asked.

Later in the day I was able to start a INE lab, foundations 1. I did this again to get back into typing commands quickly and verifying. I wasn’t able to finish in the time I wanted but made good progress


Finished foundations 1

Did random pointed labs

CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 28 / 29


Started with flashcards and then worked on CA03. This time going through CA03 I made some more progress than before but again ran out of steam after about 4 hours of straight configuration. 

I ran into problems on redistribution big time on this one. I also struggled on getting some routes to show up for the full connectivity. I’m going to leave this lab open and work on the systems management type config throughout the week as it exposes some things that INE did not cover in their ATC topics.

Monday (10) to Monday (17)

The plan was to study at night, however something wonderful happened and my baby girl was born! Trying to figure out this new routine and will be back to studying soon

CCIE RS Lab Blog – Week 27

Having the cold set me back a bit, wasn’t able to focus with it.


Layed low to try and get rid of the cold.


I was able to get back to studying. I started off with some EIGRP videos from ExtremeIE. For labbing I kept it simple and did some INE ATC multicast and in doing that realized my lab wasn’t setup with MPLS like I though so I tinkered around with that and worked on tracking routes through the VPN after adding some CE devices via BGP.


Wasn’t able to get much done this day. I labbed a little bit, but nothing hard. I did try some diag practice from INE. I got 1 case 100% and failed the 2nd one completely. I’ve been out of the troubleshooting real issues for awhile now. I’ve figured out 2 actions I need to take for Wednesday. 

  1. Regain my focus – rebuild my weekly practice plan and stick with it
  2. Start reading through the CCNP TShoot book as I remember this from last time being helpful for Diag


Started with some flashcards (trying to get back into this habit)

Did some pointed labs, but lost some focus and decided to build a lab topic randomizer – see this post


I volunteers for habitat for humanity and did not get home until really late at night. While waiting for the day to start I went through some flashcards


Started with flashcards again and worked on some small labs


Flashcards again. I also watched some ExtremeIE videos on BGP. I was not able to lab this day.

CCIE RS Random Lab Generator

I’ve been looking for a way to easily randomize a blueprint topic to lab as it’s been getting daunting on what thing to do next. One of my Routergod friends (Thanks Dustin!) mentioned using Anki as this tool to do the randomization. 

I took my existing excelsheet of the blueprint, changed some formating around and imported it into a new Anki flashcard deck and set it for 5 cards each day (may adjust as I use). I figure I can’t be the only one with this issue and wanted to share with the community.

If you have any suggestions for improvement please let me know if a comment below!